Research Group of Dr. Hamed Niroumand

We welcome you to visit our website. The research group of Dr. Hamed Niroumand was founded by Dr. Hamed Niroumand. The research group of Dr. Hamed Niroumand (Niroumand Research Group (NRG)) is home to faculty members (Iran, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Spain, Europe, and etc.), postgraduate students, undergraduate students and graduate students. The research group aims to develop sustainable, innovative, and modern technologies to grow the material and structural integrity of geotechnical engineering. The interests of the research group are different from the nanotechnology, nanomaterial, earth anchors, soil improvement techniques, building materials, sustainable material, numerical analysis and earth building. This research group has various equipment and facilities such as laboratory of soil mechanic, computer center for research steps and construction process.  This group would like to increase technical collaboration in national and international level with various universities, institutes, companies, and related organizations.